Lecithin Granules Vegetarian

Lecithin Granules Vegetarian

The way people eat today is a far cry from the way people used to eat. Before, we’re usually happy with foods that are rich in fats and oils. We didn’t care about the amount of calories we consume in a day or how high the cholesterol in our blood is going to get if we eat this kind of food or that. However, current trends in diet have changed our general outlook about food. Instead of just taking a liberal attitude about the kind of foods we consume, most of us have become more careful, to the point that some have even turned to vegetarianism and all its health and philosophical connotations.

The thing with vegetarians is that they do not get to consume those nutrients that are normally found only in animal products. Since they do not eat meat, vegetarians often restrict their diet to foods like: macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, cheese pizza, eggplant parmesan, vegetable soup, pancakes, oatmeal, grilled cheese, bean tacos and burritos, vegetable lo mein, French toast, French fries, vegetable pot pie, fruit shakes, bread, yogurt, cheese lasagna, peanut butter and jam, fruit salad, corn flakes, lentils, bulgur, and other non-meat products. One such nutrient that vegetarians hold a danger of inadequate intake is lecithin.

What is Lecithin?

A phospholipid sometimes referred to as phosphatidylcholine, lecithin is most often found in foods that are rich in fats and oils, such as organ meat, red meat, whole eggs, whole milk with cream, dairy cream, and liver. However, while these foods are rich in lecithin, vegetarians and some health-conscious consumers often turn away from them. Not only are these foods rich in fats and calories, they are also animal products which vegetarians want to avoid.

Lecithin is an important nutrient that our body needs. It is a major component of our cell membranes and helps keep the liver to function normally, particularly in the metabolism of fat by bile, an enzyme secreted by the liver. A component of lecithin, choline, is also an essential nutrient. “Essential” because our body can only get its supply of choline from the foods that we eat. There have been studies conducted wherein a deficiency in choline led to the occurrence of symptoms commonly associated with liver cirrhosis and cancer.

Alternative Sources of Lecithin

Considering how important lecithin is, vegetarians therefore need to find their own alternative source of this valuable nutrient. The good news is that lecithin is fairly common and is found in most foods that we eat whether it is plant in origin or animal. One good source of lecithin is soy food, consumption of which has increased since its beneficial effects were discovered decades ago. Supplementation is also another alternative path that vegetarians can take. A lot of drug companies are starting to market lecithin granules vegetarian to help people get their adequate supply of this nutrient even without eating a lot of lecithin-rich foods.

Most experts say that out of all supplemental forms of lecithin, lecithin granules vegetarian is the best. Unlike other forms, lecithin granules vegetarian is versatile and can be consumed directly or be added as an ingredient to food recipes.

Lecithin granules vegetarian are 97% pure phospholipids, which are essential to the structural integrity of the cell membrane. Lecithin granules vegetarian are often referred to as oil-free lecithin because all the natural oils have already been removed.

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