Natural Sweeteners for a Healthy Lifestyle

Natural Sweeteners for a Healthy Lifestyle

Some people believe that there is nothing wrong with eating or drinking something that is delicious. Just like alcohol, this should be taken moderately since too much can prove to be unhealthy.

Natural sweeteners are used on different foods and a regular favorite are pancakes served for breakfast. Maple syrup works best in the morning. This is made up of 65% sucrose which is half the amount coming from white sugar.

Another natural sweetener worth checking out is malt syrup. This is made from cereal grains and those who take this get half the amount of calories taken from using maple syrup. This makes it not that sweet prompting the user to add more for flavor.

Rice syrup is a natural sweetener that can be used for baking. This is usually substituted for honey or white sugar and is only half as sweet. The person should be careful when mixing since too much liquid could dilute the chemical rendering it useless. This will take some time to get the right formula to make the dish suitable to the person’s taste.

A natural sweetener can also be achieved by mixing rice syrup with evaporated white grape juice. This is made up of 33% more carbohydrate and is yellowish white in color. This works very well in the recipe if Sucanat, a wholesome sweetener cannot do well for it.

Date sugar is another natural sweetener. This can be purchased in a natural foods store and considered to be almost a whole food. This is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Compared to Rice syrup, this will not dilute even when mixed with a lot of liquid.

Blackstrap Molasses is another natural sweetener worth experimenting on. This is made up of 70% sucrose that has a strong flavor but is strong on iron. This is good for those who know how to make bake a pie or a cake. People can add honey to the mix to make this taste sweet.

The most common that people know as a natural sweetener is honey. This is usually obtained bees and is sweeter than white sugar which means the person should only add a teaspoon to the food.

Natural sweeteners can serve well for those who don’t it artificially produced. The person can check the products out in the supermarket then choose the best which is healthy to bring home.

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