Sweden Pancakes

Sweden Pancakes

The Swedish culture has a different take on pancakes that other regions. Yet they are very delicious as well as simple to make so you may want to give them a try. They are very thin and that can make them hard to learn how to make at first. They secret is to make sure your griddle is at the right temperature. They are very similar to crepes except they aren’t rolled. They are still flat but very thin.

You also need to make sure you have a quality non stick griddle to make the Sweden pancakes in. Since they are thin you will have more problems with them sticking if you don’t use a good pan. Spray it with cooking spray and let it get hot before you add the mix to the griddle. Try to find a very thin non stick spatula too so you can get underneath them and flip them. Once the batter starts to bubble on the top you need to flip them over. They can burn fast since they are thin so keep a close eye on them.

In the Swedish culture, pancakes are eaten all the time. They may enjoy them for breakfast as well as a side for lunch or dinner. Many people in that culture also eat pancakes for dessert. The can be made very sweet depending on what taste you want and when you are going to eat them.

For example you can simply use syrup on the Sweden pancakes for breakfast. You can also add a variety of fruits. Those that are for dessert often have a type of preservative spread on them. They are also garnished with powdered sugar. You will find there are hundreds of varieties of things you can choose to place on top of your Sweden pancakes.

Once you learn how to make them, your family will really be enjoying them. Many kids love them for a snack too. They may not eat much when you make thicker styles of pancakes. Yet with the Sweden pancakes they will be able to enjoy the lighter taste of them. Make sure you prepare plenty of them because even those small appetites can really reach out for more when these are on the table.

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