Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet Potato Pancakes

You may find that there are some great tasting pancakes out there you have never tried. From down South around Louisiana you will find sweet potato pancakes. Many people have never heard of them but they are on the menu all over that part of the United States. Of course many people are curious about them so they order them. What they find is a great tasting pancake that they have fallen in love with.

Don’t worry though when you have to return home. There are many great tasting recipes out there for making sweet potato pancakes. You can easily prepare them on your own at home. In addition to all of the normal ingredients that you normally use for pancakes you will need a couple of cups of cooked sweet potatoes. You will need to mash them down into a very smooth consistency.

In order to get the best tasting sweet potato pancake available you need to make them fresh. You can use those in a can but you will find they aren’t going to offer the same great quality. Should you have a family dinner and serve sweet potatoes you will likely have so left over. You can make sweet potato pancakes the next morning so they don’t go to waste.

Most sweet potato pancake recipes call for nutmeg and many people don’t really care for the taste of it. You can try to cut the amount of it in half to see if that gives you a flavor you enjoy more. Many children really like sweet potato pancakes as well. If you don’t think they sound of them will appeal to them wait until they taste them to tell them what you are offering to them.

With sweet potato pancakes you may find you don’t need to use syrup to enjoy them. If you are trying to cut back on calories but you still want great tasting food, this is one way to do so. Many people also find that these types of pancakes are easier to make. They don’t crumble up and so you can flip them with ease. They look great and taste even better.

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