Tasks To Undertake Before Embarking On A Mountain Bike Trip

Tasks To Undertake Before Embarking On A Mountain Bike Trip

Just like we work with dedication towards any challenges we take up in life, similarly mountain biking races require effort and dedication. A lot of preparation is required to ensure that your biking adventure concludes safely and successfully.

Participating in a mountain bike race is a tough and demanding commitment and requires advance preparation. Since these races can be extremely competitive and dangerous, it’s important that you put enough time and effort to get yourself ready for the competition.

An individual aspiring to participate in the mountain bike race should ensure that his actual preparations involve becoming part of mountain bike club, taking steps like checking on the biking equipment, researching the track and getting information to help him face the possibilities during such events.

Membership of a Mountain Bike Club

This is an essential step towards your goal of participating in a mountain biking race. Joining a Mountain Biking Club can prove beneficial to you.

A few benefits are that you get to interact and learn from other biking enthusiasts. You will also benefit from their training methods which will include a trainer or companion who will ride with you on actual trails thus providing the necessary practice and experience that you may require before participating in the race.

If you join a Mountain biking club then you become accountable to the other members. Being accountable to other members will encourage you to give your best each time, to focus on your goal and will always keep you high spirited and eager for your training sessions. Thus the accountability aspect can be advantageous to you in the long run as a mountain bike racer.

Another significant advantage is that you will be able to share the experience, advice and information of the other members of your club. You will thus not only learn more about mountain bike racing but also about various races and the locations where they are held.

Preparing yourself for the race

As mentioned before, preparation of your equipment should be an important part of you pre-race preparations. Basic equipment like shoes, money, extra clothes for a change and towels should be packed and kept ready. Also to be considered is the possibility of changes in weather that you may to experience during the race and equipments to match probable weather changes should also be packed.

Practical Tips to be adhered on the Day of the Race

It is not only important to have your equipments ready for the day of the race but it is equally important to get physically prepared as well. For instance, you should hydrate your body by drinking adequate water before the race and also have a breakfast high in carbohydrates. Breads like bagels, waffles, pancakes etc. are high in carbohydrates and are ideal to be eaten for breakfast before participating in a strenuous sport like mountain bike racing.

Once the necessary physical and equipment preparations are done, the next task should be of mapping the track to safeguard yourself from eventualities. Mapping helps you to be aware of the type of track you may have to ride on and help you get ready to face tracks with loose gravel, water, pot holes etc. The final step should be doing a few warm up exercise which will help your blood circulation, muscle loosening and toning of your body to avoid serious physical injuries.

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